The-Party | Thermaltake The-Party Cosplay Contest
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Thermaltake The-Party Cosplay Contest

Starting timeFriday March 30, 8.30 PM
FormatWalk on/walk off
JudgesTeam Paraluna, Mikers Cosplay Mmmc
PhotographyJeroen Weimar
ParticipantsClick here
Sponsored by:

A Cosplay Contest is a craftmanship award show where people create a costume/cosplay that makes him/her look exactly like a character in a game, tv series or movie. During the event they will do a catwalk display. The judges of the Cosplay Contest will be looking at different aspects of the cosplay, gather their reports and decide who the winner of the contest is. Do you think you’ve got the one-of-a-kind cosplay that convinces the audience and the judge that you are the best?

You will need a visitor pass or a The-Party ticket to participate. After registration we will contact you.


Team Paraluna‘s Sophie and Lizajudged our cosplay contest during The-Party 14 and we’re happy to announce that they will be back! This edition they will judge together with Michael (Mikers Cosplay Mmmc) from Team Mmmc. Our three judges have something special in common: CICAF. Mikers and The-Party 15 judge Ronald represented The Netherlands during this Chinese cosplay world championship in 2014, while the lovely ladies from Team Paraluna did the same in 2016. Team Paraluna also represented The Netherlands in Japan during World Cosplay Summit 2012 and they also managed to reach the finale of the Blizzard Cosplay Contest during Gamescom 2017. We saw Mikers represent The Netherlands during the Cosplay World Masters in Portugal.


During the Cosplay Contest, cosplay- and esport photographer Jeroen Weimar will take the best photos possible. Before the contest he will give you the possibility to let your picture taken with one of the cosplayers, just like our own The-Party photographer. After the Cosplay Contest it’s possible for the cosplayers to let themselves be photographed professionally.


Sponsored by CosplayClues and SpeedSeats.

1st place

€ 200

Nemesis Switch

Shock Gaming Headset

SpeedSeats Gaming Chair

Worbla's Black Art XL

Cosplay Clues € 80 Gift Card
2nd place

€ 100

Ventus X Plus

Dasher Medium

Worbla's Black Art L

Cosplay Clues € 50 Gift Card
3rd place

€ 50

Ventus X Plus

Worbla's Black Art L

Cosplay Clues € 25 Gift Card

Results The-Party 15

  1. Sqinny cosplay (Hawke, Dragon Age)
  2. Skathi Cosplay & Somrune Cosplay (Emily Kaldwin & Corvo Attano, Dishonored)
  3. Willow Creative (Diablo, Diablo 3)