The-Party | Rent a Samsung screen
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Rent a Samsung screen

The-Party is a huge event, and an event with proportions like these also brings with it a ton of information and details to remember. What kind of competitions will be played, when do the different activities start, where can I find my seat, etcetera etcetera. This much information might make it all a bit unclear. Luckily, we’ve already thought about this and to make sure the weekend is as pleasant as possible we’re partnering up once again with Samsung and Ziva-Shop to provide you with information and screens at The-Party!

Samsung and Ziva will supply us with everything we need so you don’t have to search far and low for the information you seek. Thanks to the various screens that Samsung provides we’ll be able to quickly and easily display information over at our compo desk. Better yet, all information concerning The-Party will be visible for everyone thanks these tactically set up screens. Besides this, Samsung is also bringing over screens for us to use during the stage finales. We’ll make sure it’s all set up and you’ll take care of the action!

Got your car filled to the brim with stuff but haven’t got any more room left for your own screen, or don’t even own a screen for gaming? Samsung is here with a solution! As a special deal for The-Party, Ziva Samsung have set up a webshop where you can rent one of their gaming monitors for use during the Easter weekend. For a decent price you’ll be able to rent a Samsung Gaming screen, starting at a width of 24 inches, which you can pick up upon checking in. For more information or ordering a screen, head on over to Ziva’s Samsung webshop.