The-Party | League of Legends
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League of Legends

As the most-watched esport worldwide, League of Legends will, of course, be a part of The-Party.

League of Legends is the most played game worldwide and thus also the most played MOBA. Teams of 5 players battle against each other in an attempt to destroy the opponent’s base first. Each player controls a different champion and each champion has different abilities that can fulfill a few roles for their team. By working together and outplaying your opponent individually and/or as a team you attempt to gain control over as much of the map as possible and build up a lead over your opponent until they can’t stop you anymore.

This tournament will be streamed and cast. Do you have great mechanics, are you a pro at staring at your minimap or can you escape from every situation? Then you should sign up with your team. Not only can you show everyone that you don’t belong in Wood V, but you can also win a share of our € 1,250 prize pool.

Check our tournaments page to see all tournaments. Signing up for tournaments will be available soon.