The-Party | The-Party Nieuwegein moved to 2021
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The-Party Nieuwegein moved to 2021

The Rijksoverheid published new measurements, resulting into The-Party Nieuwegein not being able to take place in December 2020. The measurements taken in October 2020 will go on until at least Mid December. It’s impossible for us to both plan and build the event because of this.

Together with Beursfabriek Nieuwegein we decided to move The-Party Nieuwegein to 2021. Because we can’t know for sure how long the corona pandemic is active, we immediately choose for the date of December 17/18/19, 2021. This way we are hoping to bring the risk of yet another date move to a minimum.

The-Party Extra
We understand that moving an event for a year is a big move. Obviously we would love to welcome you way earlier than December 2021. In the case of good news during the early months of 2021, we will organize a seperate edition, ‘The-Party Extra’. At the latest we will announce this Mid February together with a seperate ticketshop; the ticket you have right now will be valid for December 2021.

Keep your ticket, because ticket prices will raise
In 2021 we will raise the price of our event tickets. We understand that almost no one had a blast of a year. Check to see how the pandemic impacted the whole cultural sector. A year without events is difficult for every organisation and we can use every bit of help we can get to ensure great events in the future again. Besides that, most organisations will probably announce a raise in price for their tickets.

We normally work with three ticket waves. On April 1, 2021, we will however enter a fourth ticket wave. The ticket you have now will always be the cheapest ticket. If you decide you want to refund your ticket after all, you can contact us at and/or read our FAQ.

All announcements will be communicated again with updated information. Our ticketshop remains open.

The-Party Online
After we moved The-Party Nieuwegein from April 2020 to December 2020, we organised a cool online edition, focused on the competitive gamer. In December we will look into organising something fun for the recreative gamer as well. We will get into contact with the coolest streamers en try to organise some fun gaming moments through Discord as well. This time’s motto is ‘come play with us’ instead of ‘show us that you are the best’. More on this later.