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Cosplay Contest

Friday December 18 2020, ~8:15 pm

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Cosplayers need a cosplayticket. Please contact us about it.

What is a cosplay contest?


A cosplay contest is a craftsmanship award show where contestants are dressed up as a character from a game, series or film, and perform a catwalk (walk-on/walk-off) show. There are judges that look at various aspects of the cosplay and decide on the winner. The judges are usually former winners of various international qualifiers, with a trip abroad to represent the Netherlands in an international contest.


What makes the contests of Duh-Cosplay different from others, is that these events work with regular photographers and a videographer who will capture the contestants on photo and film. We also strive to add something extra in the special effects department, like cold pyro. We do our best to make everything as comfortable as possible for our participants so that everyone feels at home.


The costumes submitted to our contests need to be self made. Do you think that your artwork will convince the judges and the audience that you’re the best cosplayer? Then you should join!

Videos by Viet Nguyen Productions and Myrna Hendrickx.


De Cosplay Contest during The-Party will be judged by the following judges:


Photos by Jeroen Weimar and Vincent Lee