The-Party | Location and Parking
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Beursgebouw Eindhoven
Lardinoisstraat 8
5611 ZZ Eindhoven


By train: 
Check the 9292 website and enter the date, time, location of destination and departure.

By car:
Fill in the requested information on the Routenet website to plan your trip.


The-Party will take place in Beursgebouw Eindhoven, located in the city center of Eindhoven.


An event in the middle of the city has both pros and cons. One of these cons is the issue of parking. Although there are plenty parking spaces in Eindhoven, they are all quite expensive. Therefore, we have helped you out by finding several parking options for you. These range from far away, but free of charge to in front of the door, but for a higher price.


On the image above (click for bigger version) you can see the closest parking options: parking lot “Bijenkorf” (right underneath the event location) and parking lot “Het Eindje” (just a bit further). At the green dot no 1 you can find the entrance for the “Bijenkorf” parking lot. The entrance for the parking lot “Het Eindje” can be found at dot no 2. The orange dot is the area for loading and unloading for visitors of the event, it is NOT allowed to park there for more than 15 minutes. Navigate to these locations through this link to view your options (Google Maps).


Fees “Het Eindje”
Fees “Bijenkorf” 


It is also possible to park your car for free. However, you’d have to walk a bit further to reach this space. Closest parking spaces that are available without charge are in the Lijmbeekstraat and the Roosje Vosstraat.


Other parking options.