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Got a question about The-Party? Then please take a look below in our FAQ.  If your question isn’t listed on our website, you can also contact us of course.

General Questions

The-Party is a Lan Event that takes place at Beursfabriek Nieuwegein. LAN stands for Local Area Network, which means that all participants will be on the same network during the event. Participants bring their own UTP cables and plug these into one of the very fast switches The-Party offers. That way they’ll be able to play lag-free gaming sessions with other people.

Yes, there is an internet connection all around the venue. Additionally there is a wireless network for your smartphone or tablet.

Check the price information page for more information

Yes, you can. The tickets will be send to you through email. Your job is to distribute the tickets amongst your friends.

Yes, resale is possible.

The-Party has a state of the art network. With three 10 Gigabit backbones and a Gigabit network port for almost every participant, you don’t have to be afraid your ping will hold you back.

No, there is no minimum age for The-Party. Visitors under 18 must have permission from their parents.

Yes, taking your own server with you to The-Party is allowed.

Fifteen meter is more than you ever are going to need. You can easily get a 15 meter UTP cable at Netwerkwinkel.

No, you can’t. There are several reasons for this; the most important one being a lack of space and power usage.

The-Party can be reached by public transport or car. For more information, please visit our About page. Here you can also find parking information

With our new ticketsystem by Eventix you no longer need to check in your ticket prior to the event. Just bring your ticket with you to The-Party, either on paper or on your mobile phone, we’ll scan your ticket at the entry desk and you’re good to go

You’ll be given a seat number and row, so you’ll know exactly where your seat is! You can look up your seat on our seat map.

Several competitions are held during the event, in which everyone can participate. Apart from that, it’s up to you which games you want to play!

Once the competition has been announced, you can find information on our Competitions page

Yes, most competitions have prizes attached to them. All competitions are open for everyone, meaning every The-Party visitor can win!

There’s enough to do for visitors of The-Party. For example, visitors can play on the consoles, watch competitions, participate in the visitor competitions, join the easter egg hunt for prizes and of course hang out with other gamers.

Indoor smoking is prohibited, but outdoor smoking is allowed.

Food and drinks can be bought either inside the building or at a nearby supermarket. Eating and drinking (From 18 years and onward also alcoholic) inside the building is allowed.

Please note: Alcoholic drinks or soda in glass bottles is not allowed at The-Party. Should you be seen carrying a crate or glass bottles, we will kindly ask you to store it somewhere else. Plastic bottles and tin cans are allowed.

We’re doing our absolute best to make sure nothing gets stolen. Unfortunately there are always people with different intentions than having fun, which is why it’s important that everyone keeps an eye on their own hardware. A good start is to order a lock to protect your monitor or laptop.

No. If everyone brings speakers, it would become too chaotic. Headsets and head-/earphones are allowed though.

Of course there are toilets at the event. However, there won’t be showers.

Yes, security will be active for 24/7 at the event. First-aiders are also present, in case anything happens.

Being quiet is obviously rule number one. Furthermore, other The-Party visitors are not to be disturbed. For your safety it’s important to keep the paths clear. We strongly suggest you lay between your lines so nobody will trip over you while you sleep.

You can find the competitiondesk at the crewarea. The competitiondesk will be closed from 3AM till 9AM.

What should you bring with you to a weekend such as The-Party?In all the rush and excitement you might possibly forget some things, so we made this useful packlist to remind you of some general stuff you will use at our event:

  • Your ticket (and participation agreement from your parents if you’re younger than 18)
  • ID
  • Computer or laptop + accessories (power cables etc.)
  • Computer screen (You share a table with your neighbor, so it should all fit on your side of the table)
  • Network cable
  • Keyboard and mouse (+ mousepad)
  • Headset
  • Games
  • Power strip
  • Sleeping gear (mattress, sleeping bag, pillow)
  • Clean clothes
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • Other toiletries

Don’t forget to also pack your phone and wallet for your own personal needs.

All the information about parking and loading/unloading your car can be found on the page for Location and Parking.