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Thermaltake Hearthstone

Format1v1 Standard
Starting timeFriday 30-03-2018, 10 PM
RulesClick Here
RegisterRegister Here
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Hearthstone is an online Collectible Card Game made by Blizzard Entertainment, the same studio responsible for StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo. In Hearthstone, your goal is to collect various cards based on the WarCraft universe with which you build your custom deck to defeat your opponent. You can play against the computer, or online against other players in a casual or ranked match. Another feature is the Adventure Mode, where you can play against unique computer enemies and collect unique cards only available in Adventure Mode. In the Arena Mode you can build a deck by choosing between three random cards until you have a complete deck, after which you have to defeat as many opponents possible to win rewards based on your wins.


1st place

€ 300

Nemesis Switch

Shock Gaming Headset

Dasher Medium
2nd place

€ 150

Cronos Riing RGB
3rd place

€ 60

Ventus X Plus

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