The-Party | Rocket League 3v3
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Rocket League 3v3

Starting timeFriday 19-04-2019, 10.00 PM
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Soccer with cars, that’s actually the shortest description to explain Rocket League. In other words there finally is a soccer game that is fun to play. Scoring points by getting the ball into the enemy’s goal, just like normal soccer. Only with Rocket League you can give your car a little bit extra speed by receiving boostpower and with a well performed jump you’ll be able to score just a bit faster. Defend or attack, the choice is yours.


1st place
2nd place
3rd place

€ 900

€ 450

€ 150

The-Party 16 results

1. mCon e-Sports RL 3v3
2. Corax Gaming
3. Scavenge e-Sports RL
4. Team Power Unlimited
5/6. 3PRL
5/6. Scavenge Red
7/8. ToxicFalcons eSports
7/8. Sheeps