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The-Party 17 Aftermovie

It's a wrap: The-Party 17 closed its doors, but what an edition it was! Let's have a look at what this years' edition brought us. Video made by CFX Squad.

Geplaatst door The Party NL op Vrijdag 3 mei 2019


Cosplay On Stage at The-Party 17

Cosplay on Stage at The-Party 17

Here it finally is, the video of the stage performances of all the lovely cosplayers who participated in the Cosplay Contest at The Party NL 17! Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to everyone for being there!Credits for editing and shooting go to Viet Nguyen.

Geplaatst door Duh-Cosplay op Dinsdag 30 april 2019

Streamers at The-Party

Streamers op The-Party 17

Op The-Party spraken wij met een aantal streamers en casters om er achter te komen wat er nu allemaal komt kijken bij het wereldje van streamen en professioneel esports casten. Bekijk de video voor een inside look in deze interactieve hobby!

Geplaatst door The Party NL op Dinsdag 30 april 2019

Cosplay at The-Party: Behind the Scenes

Cosplay at The-Party: Behind the scenes with ies_cos

During The Party NL's Friday we did our latest Duh-Cosplay cosplayshow! ies_cos is one of the brand new cosplayers who participated this time. She only started with cosplay six months ago and already entered her very first competition! Our The-Party crew followed her around in this brand new video.Including Nathan van den Berg Photography, Moriartician, Jeroen Weimar Photography, Skathi Cosplay, Somrune and more.

Geplaatst door Duh-Cosplay op Zondag 21 april 2019

Intermit.Tech: The LAN

Intermit.Tech: Build Vlog 3

Intermit.Tech: Build Vlog 2

Intermit.Tech: Build Vlog 1