The-Party | General Rules Competitions
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General Competition Rules for The-Party NL


1.1 Register
Each participant must be registered at the competition that they want to play. If a participant is not enrolled in a competition, he or she will be
excluded from the competition. Instructions on how to register yourself can be found on the corresponding competition page. Registrations close
an hour before the start of the competition, after which registering yourself or your team in this competition is no longer possible. Teams need to
have the right teamsize to register.


1.2 Names
Players always need to be recognizeable to the admins, organisation and opponents. Therefore, a player always needs to use a nickname
(almost) equal to the name that he/she registered with and/or enrolled with in the competition. This name should be used in ingame, on Discord etc.


1.3 Software
All software tends to be up to date. Tenzij anders aangegeven in de specifieke gameregels, worden alle games via de servers van het evenement
gespeeld, met hierop de laatste patches. Whenever a player cannot join the game and/or server because he/she did not update/or has the right
software, the game will result in a forfeit-loss. The maximum number of point will be awarded to the opponent.


1.4 Fairplay
In all situations, the players tend to behave themselves towards other players and competition admins. Every player who violates this rule shall be
disqualified from the competition.


1.5 Cheating
Any form of cheating will result in exclusion from all the PC competitions. Some forms of cheating are bug abusing, additional beneficial software
and/or hacks (Wall-hack, speed-hack, aimbot, etc.), scripts,bunny hopping and binds (exceptional are Namebinds, Demo Scripts, Screenshot
scrips, Server controll scripts, weapon menu scripts and say binds). Customizing the GUI is also seen as forbidden and will be punished the same
as any other form of cheating.
During the competition, the participants will be obligated to take screenshots and demos. This is to avoid being able to prove certain “offenses”.
The organization holds the right to publish these demos and screenshots.


1.6 Freelancing
Freelancing (playing for two teams in the same competition), is not allowed. All games the freelancer took part in will result in a forfeit-loss.
Furthermore, the player will be excluded from this competition and the teams will have to look for a replacing player.


1.7 Violations
Every sort of violation can result into a ban for the afflicted competition. The admins hold the right to withdraw the prizes if the prize winner(s)
violated one or more of the rules.


1.8 Time schedules
Each player or teamcaptain needs to be present 15 minutes before the match begins, so that games can be made and can start at the right time.
If the player/teamcaptain is not present at the match time, the admin has to be notified. when a player/teamcaptain still has not showed up 10
minutes after match time, it will result into a forfeit lose and the maximum score will be assigned to the opponent. This rule also applies if you are
in another match at a different competition; participating in multiple competitions simultaneously is done at your own risk.


1.9 Format
All competitions are played according to the following format:
49 to 64 teams: Group stage, the winner of the group will continue in a Double Elimination Bracket 16.
17 to 48 teams: Group stage, the winner and second place of the group will continue in a Double Elimination Bracket 16.
9 to 16 teams : Double Elimination Bracket 16.
6 to 8 teams : One big pool will be played to determine a winner.
6 teams or less: The competition will be cancelled.
The game-specific rules will explain the amount of rounds per phase (best of 1, 3, 5, etc.), and could contain exceptions on this general format. In
most cases the phases will be played Best of 3 in the group stage, Best of 3 in the Double Elimination upper bracket, Best of 1 in the Double
Elimination Loser bracket and best of 3 or 5 in the finals.


1.10 Communication
All communication with the admin will go through Discord ( and the intranet website. Keep a close eye on the competition Discord channel for
annouchements and/or changes in the competitions. Players always need to be present in the right Discord-channel of the league they wish to
participate in. If not, it will result in a forfeit loss. You can find general league announcements in the appropriate Discord channel.


1.11 Scores
Players can submit the scores themselves in our competitions system. When both teams have subbmitted/confirmed the score, the system will automatically follow up on this.
When in doubt you can always talk to an admin to confirm the score for you.


1.12 Disconnects and Server problems
If a player needs to pause due to technical difficulties, the team has to communicate this to the other team. If both teams agree that the game is
paused, they’ll wait until the technical difficulties are solved. Pausing without a good reason will result into a forfeit. If the reconnection player(s)
join the wrong side, it will result into a winning round for the other team. Their reclaimed points will be reduced back to zero, and the other team
will maintain their points. Players must present proof (screenshots) to the admin before this rule will be applied.
Admins need to be contacted in time of a server crash.


1.13 Sitting locations
If one team can look at the other teams screens, this should be taken care of by the players before the game starts. If this is not possible, contact an admin. If
the match is already played, you can not place an objection about this subject.


1.14 Match Media
All programs that will enhance the gameplay are illegal and will be punished with disqualification. All comunication programs, like Teamspeak and
Ventrillo, are allowed. The organisation reserves the right to the demos, live media and screenshots that are taken during a match, and to
broadcast and publish these.


1.15 Competition edits
The organization has the rights reseved to adjust the prizes that were originaly assinged to a competition. Admins and organisation members will
at all times have the last word over anything regarding competition. Under extreme circumstances the admins will have the right to change the
rulesets. Both admins and organisation have the authority to stop or cancel the competition.


1.16 Spectators
Admins have the right to kick unaccepted spectators.


1.17 In-game Chat
During the match it would be best not to make use of the chat, other then greetings and if connection problems occur. The team chat obviously
can be used.


1.18 Overtime
Playing a draw during a poule phase is okay, but during brackets it means that you have to play another map. You and your opponent will choose
one map. If a player is making a draw on purpose, the admins can disqualify the player. In certain games these rules don’t apply.