The-Party | HighFlow is back at The-Party!
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HighFlow is back at The-Party!

HighFlow is back for the most fun gaming party of the Benelux! This expert on water cooling and casemodding is a familiar face at The-Party, and once again they’ll be bringing a  large group of gamers and modders with them to our event. Walk by the HighFlow row when you have the time if you’re curious as to what exactly you can do with special water cooling in your own computer or if you just want to have a look at their custom casemods. Our competitive visitors can also look forward to their arrival because HighFlow will provide us with some nice prizes for the winners of some of our competitions!

HighFlow will sponsor prizes for the recently added HighFlow Hearthstone Tavern Brawl funcompetition. The three best teams in the Legion League of Legends competition will also receive hardware prizes sponsored by HighFlow. So if you weren’t already practicing with your team, now is the time to get to it! We’ve also got a lot of very awesome water cooling kits for you to win thanks to HighFlow. These kits come as ready as they are and are extremely accessible for even the biggest computer noob, making sure everyone can easily install it into their own computer.