The-Party | The-Party 16 tickets are almost sold out!
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The-Party 16 tickets are almost sold out!

Good news, this year’s shaping up to be a very fun and busy Easter weekend with an almost entirely filled Beursgebouw Eindhoven. We’ve only got a limited amount of tickets available for The-Party, after which the sixteenth edition of the most fun LAN-party in the Benelux will be officially sold out! Still don’t have a ticket for annual spectacle? Then hurry, because time is running out. Our schedule is stuffed with exciting competitions and fun activities that you definitely don’t want to miss! Head on over to our ticketshop to quickly secure your ticket. Are you curious as to what The-Party looks like but don’t feel like spending an entire weekend there yet? Visitors are welcome to come have a look on Saturday March 31st (visitor passes are available at the door for €10 EUR).

Having a good night’s rest is important if you plan on aiming for that ultimate victory in our competitions. We can’t give you the skills you need, but what we can offer is a nice hoteldeal! This combination grants you full access to The-Party 16 and a reserved room at the Inntel Hotel Arts Eindhoven. This way you can start the day well-rested and you don’t have to worry about loud noises in our resting areas.

Don’t forget you can also rent a gaming chair for use at The-Party! Speedseats is once again partnered with us and they’re bringing a whole truckload of chairs with them to the event. For a small fee you can rent a luxurious Speedseats Gaming Chair so you can meet the competition head on with comfort and style during the entire weekend. Have a look here for more information or go directly to the Speedseats website to confirm your fancy chair.