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be quiet! silently joins The-Party

With over a thousand operating personal computers and gaming systems at The-Party, things could get a little heated and loud. Having a silent system might just be a simple convenience, but in the long run it adds up to the perfect gaming experience. Of course, you also don’t want your system overheating and blowing up, definitely not when you’re competing at The-Party. Our next sponsor is specialized in making sure you don’t have to worry about neither of those nuisances. We can gladly announce be quiet! as a sponsor for The-Party 16!

As a company, be quiet! is a premium brand manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for your desktop PC. But their name is also a statement about the sound levels of the be quiet! products. With more than ten years experience in the field of noise reduction and silence, be quiet! products probably are the most silent ones on the market. A huge part of this success is made possible by their high quality fans, which nowadays come pre-installed in almost all of the be quiet! cases they sell, like the Pure Base and the Dark Base. These cases offer an enormous amount of flexibility and functionality, and because of their features you can realize almost any system configuration you desire. The Pure Base is more focused on being a base for entry-level builds, while the Dark Base aims for use with high-end workstations. But both are designed with silence in mind, staying true to the name be quiet!.

Thanks to be quiet! we can add one final competition to our schedule for weekend guests to participate in. It’s now possible to register for the be quiet! Rocket League 2v2 competition! This competition is meant as an extra activity and bonus to complement the Cooler Master Rocket League 3v3 competition. Everyone who would like to take a shot is free to join in duos. Of course, we’ve also got prizes to give away to the winners, which are sponsored by be quiet!. The two best players in first place will each receive a be quiet! Pure Power 10 600w PSU, the team in second place will receive two be quiet! Pure Rock CPU Coolers and for third place we have four be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120mm Fans for them to take home.

We’ve also got some nice be quiet! products to add to the larger prize pool for our Easter Egg Hunt and the Ubisoft Table Lottery. So keep an eye out for anything colorful and egg-shaped when you’re at The-Party. The Table Lottery will be held on Saturday on our stage, so when we call out your seat run as fast as you can to pick up your prize!

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