The-Party | Cooler Master is joining The-Party
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Cooler Master is joining The-Party

The-Party is a weekend filled with entertainment, exciting competitions and one-hundred percent fun. We’ve got fitting competitions for just about anyone joining us, but sometimes you might want a little bit of distraction from the intense battles amongst each other. Then visit one of our stands scattered around the venue where you’ll find some of our coolest sponsors. Our friends from Cooler Master know all too well how to set up a proper party, and if you’ve been with us for one of our previous editions you’ll know what to expect from them. Cooler Master is joining us again to add to the festivities for the sixteenth edition of The-Party!

Cooler Master is an expert in the field of casemodding and coolers for gaming computers. Whether you’ve been working on perfecting your rig for only a day or even over many weeks, the final moment when it all comes together and works flawlessly,  that’s what it’s all about for Cooler Master. If you’re a crafty Do-It-Yourselfer, then Cooler Master has almost everything you might need to properely cool your rig. Beautiful cases, various sorts of coolers (including air as well al liquid cooled) and hefty Power Supplies, of course with corresponding accessories. But you also don’t have to look far for other hardware like gaming mice, keyboards or headsets, which are all available under their own Cooler Master brand.

Cooler Master will once again be present at The-Party for the entire weekend, bringing along with them a ton of entertainment and things to do for everyone. Fans of rocket-powered soccercars have their work cut out for them, because Cooler Master will be sponsoring the prizes for the Cooler Master Rocket League 3v3 competition! The team with the three best carballers in first place will receive threeCooler Master SWIFT-RX L mousepads and € 210. For the runner-ups we’ve got three Cooler Master MM530 gaming mice and € 70, and the team in third place will go home with three Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo’s.

But that’s not all, because they’ll be doing a lot more to make sure it’ll be one big party during the weekend. Upon checking in and entering the Beursgebouw you’ll immediately spot the impressive Cooler Master Gaming Bus, with a few Cooler Master crewmembers walking around near it. Pay them a visit to play some games with the crew, participate in fun activities or just come over to say hello and have a chat. Together with the crew, Cooler Master will also be organizing some other bigger activities for everyone at The-Party to join in on. Exactly what activities those will be remains a surprise for the time being, so keep an eye out on the Cooler Master and stands for the latest information and updates!

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Cooler Master Rocket League 3v3 competition