The-Party | Dynamice Energy popsicles at The-Party 16
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Dynamice Energy popsicles at The-Party 16

The-Party 16 is already looking to be an amazing edition, and chances are high a lot of our visitors will definitely not be sleeping during the first night. To support all those with a “sleep-is-for-the-weak” mentality, we’ve got a nice surprise to keep you going.

We’ve got a special treat for all you gamers who like to pull an all-nighter and still keep up your energy levels. This year at The-Party we’re introducing the Dynamice Energy popsicle stand! The Dynamice Energy popsicles will give you a proper energy kick to get you pumped up, and they’re available in two different flavors (Sweet Cherry and Refreshing Lemon/Lime). A large percentage of energy treats use the ingredient Taurine, but Dynamice Energy has replaced this component with guarana berries, which are much better for your health. So whether you need that much required energy boost for that intense competition, or just want something to cool yourself down with, visit the Dynamice popsicle stand for your ice cold fix of energy!

But you don’t have to wait until deep into the night to enjoy these sweet sticks of cold goodness. When we officially open the doors to The-Party, you’ll be greeted by the lovely ladies from Dynamice Energy, who will be handing out free popsicles to everyone. Because we could all use a boost after standing in line and getting hyped up for the weekend!