The-Party | MSIs newest game gear at the MSI Streaming Area
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MSIs newest game gear at the MSI Streaming Area

Any good streamers at The-Party? Hell yes! Today we are announcing MSI Gaming as our sponsor for the MSI Streaming Area. They will ensure that the more than various streamers inside of the MSI Streaming Area are able to have as much fun as possible.

Ladies first, so let’s start by introducing Kimberley/xSyoss to you. xSyoss is the only streamer who joined our streamer line-up since the very first time. Outside of a hair colour change not much has changed; she still loves League of Legends, although nowadays Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are played a lot as well.

Robin/KaosApe is also quite busy conquering the battle royale gaming world. He streams games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ever since H1Z1 became popular. He even joined quite an important tournament last year during CampZone! Robin is always happy to have a chat with you, as long as you are as awesome as he is.

Our next streamer is the clear definition of the word ‘fun’. Kees/SevenS1ns is always busy, and his unique selling point is speedrunning. During a speedrun, Kees tries to finish a game as fast as possible.

Sam/Midnan plays almost everything he can get his hands on. At the moment we’re writing this he is playing Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, although his main game these days is Overwatch. He plays a lot of games with Duncan as well.

Who is also our last streamer of this list. Duncan is also quite busy finishing games as fast as possible. Together with Midnan he was recently trying to finish A Way Out. Fortnite and Rocket League are his favourites at the moment.

Our conclusion is that the MSI Streaming Area has a big enough variety of games. Thanks to MSI Gaming, the streamers can play their games on some cool casemods. Besides that they will use the brand new MSI Immerse GH60 while streaming. This means that MSI is finally moving towards the gaming gear industry as well! Mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headsets, controllers and mousepads will soon be available to pick up. Check out their gaming gear at their website.