The-Party | The-Party 16 is sold out!
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The-Party 16 is sold out!

It’s official, we can’t deny it, the statistics confirm it. The Easter weekend will be a busy one for the Beursgebouw Eindhoven, with a hall filled with enthusiastic gamers who are there to compete for tons of sweet prizes. With less than four weeks to go, we can proudly announce that the regular tickets for the sixteenth edition of The-Party are completely sold out!

Still really wish to go to The-Party? Then book a hotel room with our partners from Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven through our website. This combination deal grants you access to The-Party during the event, including a seat for your gaming setup. Start the day bright and well-rested by staying overnight in one of the luxurious rooms at the Inntel Hotel, giving you that extra edge to beat your competitors. Have a look at our seatmap to see what seats are reserved for owners of a hotel ticket. Note: these seats will only be made available after purchasing one of these tickets. More information about this deal can be found here.

Even though all the regular tickets are sold out in our shop, there’s still a chance to acquire some rare, spare tickets. NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming will be giving away tickets for The-Party to two lucky winners! So how exactly can you win these tickets? Keep a close eye on our website and Facebook, as well as NETGEAR’s Facebook, where we’ll share more information about this giveaway at a later date.

We are super excited and simply can’t wait to finally open the doors for all our visitors. See you at The-Party!

EDIT: The grey, empy seats on our seatmap represent the number of ticket buyers who haven’t chosen their seat yet. These tickets have already been sold but have not yet been claimed as a seat. All our regular tickets are completely sold out.