The-Party | The-Party is going to be SuperO
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The-Party is going to be SuperO

If one of our sponsors has a nice name like this, we can’t resist play around with the title of our newspost a little bit. But we already know that The-Party is going to be super again, so let’s focus on SuperO as a sponsor.

SuperO is the gaming label from Super Micro, a company that specializes in server and storage solutions. We live in a world where digital information gets more important each day, so the company is quite busy 24/7. Even more special that they found the time to get into the gaming market as well if you ask us! For the gamers they make some great SuperO computer systems, SuperO motherboards and SuperO computer cases.

They recently released theĀ SuperO C7Z370-CG-iW, which is the first mini-ITX gaming motherboard for SuperO. It’s made for the average gamer that likes to be up to date. The motherboard is fueled by the latest Intel Core processor innovations, has customizable RGB LEDs and includes Super Micro’s Server DNA. A very nice competition prize, which is why we are going to compete for it during the SuperO HearthStone Tavern Brawl competition.

This week’s Tavern Brawl will be Miniature Warfare (Standard). Click the link for more information about this Brawl

Totally worth to take a shot at the prizes we have for this competition, because the numbers 2 and 3 also go home with something good. The runner up for this competition will receive a great SuperO motherboard as well, while the number 3 goes home with a cool PC case, including a 750w PSU. See you this weekend!