The-Party | Thermaltake The-Party Cosplay Contest: the winners are…
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Thermaltake The-Party Cosplay Contest: the winners are…

Thanks to our talented cosplayers we’ve been able to set up yet another amazing cosplay show at the Thermaltake The-Party Cosplay Contest! Our three judges have had a very tough time deciding which cosplayers were the best, as all of our contestants brought fantastic creations with them. In the end three winners were chosen.

Linny L’a Vante has managed to snag the third place spot with her amazing Monk cosplay from Diablo 3. Her combination of fabric and armor crafting techniques made her a sight to see on our stage.

Roar & Clank Props was awarded the second place spot with her ThunderLord Zinagre costume from Monster Hunter Generations. Alex from Roar & Clank Props has made a complete set of armor including a wig, horns and two different types of prop weapons. The huge amount of work she put into this project definitely paid off!

Our winners of this year are Roy and Feline from  BuJa Cosprops with their Plague Doctor Reapers from Overwatch! This powercouple has made two full Reaper costumes of excellent quality. The combination of crafting techniques, creativity and stage presence has earned them the first place spot. Well deserved!

Did you miss our cosplay show? Check out the video down below!