The-Party | Trust Gaming provides awesome prizes for The-Party
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Trust Gaming provides awesome prizes for The-Party

Competitions are fun, but they are ten times more fun (and exciting) when you can win some nice prizes. There’s already a ton of amazing prizes to compete for in our thrilling competitions, but we haven’t announced everything yet. So let’s do something about that. Today we can reveal a nice amount of very good prizes for two of our competitions, made possible by an even better sponsor. Trust Gaming will once again be a sponsor for The-Party 16!

Trust Gaming offers “value for money” gaming accessories for pc and all consoles, to help you become a champion. The global company offers a wide range of products, varying from products meant for beginners to gear for professional gamers. Thanks to its close relationship with several pro gamers, Trust Gaming possesses the knowledge to create reliable hardware designed to help young gamers reach their full potential. Trust Gaming offers products that fit all budgets.

Trust Gaming will provide a lot of prizes for us to give away to the lucky winners of some of our competitions and activities, like the Easter Egg Hunt powered by Trust Gaming. Besides Gamecardsdirect’s prizes, the keen detectives who manage to find one of our Easter eggs will also receive a nice Trust Gaming goodie bag! The goodie bag contains items such as a Trust Gaming backpack, a comfy beanie and a pair of stylish sunglasses. Upon delivering a silver egg you’ll also receive a Trust Gaming Laban mouse, and whoever finds the golden egg will go home with a brand new Trust Gaming Cada Mechanical Keyboard (plus a goodie bag).

Adding to this, we can also announce that the Overwatch competition will be sponsored by Trust Gaming. The three best teams in the Trust Gaming Overwatch competition can look forward to receiving amazing hardware prizes. Players of the team in first place will be rewarded with a Trust Gaming Cada Mechanical Keyboard, the runner-ups will each receive a Trust Gaming Hawk Headset and third place will win six Trust Gaming Laban gaming mice.

Trust Gaming will also make sure there are some incredible prizes to win at the end of the Trust Gaming Rainbow Six: Siege competition, allowing us to increase the prize pool for players to compete for. Thanks, Trust Gaming! The ultimate winners, the team in first place, will be handed a fancy prize cheque worth a whopping € 750. The team in second place will win five Trust Gaming Dion Headsets plus a prize cheque worth € 250, while the team in third place will receive five Trust Gaming Heron gaming mice. Last but not least, Trust Gaming also has some prizes for us to give away during our traditional table lottery! Everyone who has a seat at The-Party 16 will automatically be entered in this raffle, the only thing you need to is to be present when it starts. Should your seat be chosen by our system, then run to the stage as fast as you can to receive your prize. Who knows, you might win a Trust Gaming Cada Mechanical Keyboard or a Trust Gaming Laban mouse!


Trust Gaming understands that all great champions have to start at the bottom and that is why they don’t have their sole focus on high-end products for the elite in the world. Trust Gaming has developed a range that will grow with you as you progress through the ranks. From basic, affordable items for everybody who wants to start playing their first games, up to specifically designed pro gear that will allow you to compete with the best of the best. It is a philosophy Trust Gaming like to call #buildingchampions.

~ Trust Gaming