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Hoteldeal Holiday Inn

Are you literally tired of not getting enough quality sleep at lanparties? Maybe it’s time to book an arrangement at  Holiday Inn. With these special arrangements you will not only get a comfortable night’s sleep at Holiday Inn in Eindhoven, but you will also receive entry to The-Party. The hotel offers many perks, such as free WiFi, a bar, a restaurant, roomservice and it’s only a short walk to The-Party!

Many people might think that a hotel is extremely expensive, but with this special deal, it’s really not the case! We offer a combination discount on a hotelroom as well as a ticket for The-Party. You receive a 15% discount on the best available room price and your ticket for The-Party will only cost 50 euros.

How do you make use of this special deal:
1. Send an email to with PARTY2019 as the subject
2. Let them know how many people you’re with
3. Let them know how many rooms you would like to get
4. Let them know if you would like to receive an offer with or without breakfast
5. Holiday Inn will mail you an offer with a 15% discount on the best available price

Note: the discount code is dependent on how many rooms are available; rooms will not be held for The-Party. After you’ve completed your reservation, you will receive your ticket for The-Party through us.