The-Party | The-Party 17 Seatmap
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The-Party 17 Seatmap

The official seatmap for The-Party 17 has officially been opened! Everyone with a ticket can go and check it out and decide on where they would like to sit. Close to the stage? Or rather far away in the corner? The possibilities are endless!

Currently our servers are hard at work to make sure all ticket buyers receive a key for choosing their spot on the seatmap. Trouble finding the mail with the key? Please be patient because our servers are working overtime. Our goal is to get all keys out at the same time so you can immediately claim your favorite seat. Do keep a close eye on your spam folder! The steps required to secure your table are listed in the email.

Our Discord admin DareDevil will of course be available for anyone who’s not quite sure how to select their spots on the seatmap. Feel free to send him a message if anything is unclear!