The-Party | eNgage gives you focus
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eNgage gives you focus

Do you find yourself having a hard time focussing on competitions or your own gameplay when you’re attending bigger events such as The-Party, and could use some help to combat that? Are you missing the energy to get through the weekend or need something to help you relax? Our newest partner eNgage has thé solution in liquid form, available during The-Party!

eNgage is a new player in the field of focus and energy drinks, with the unique factor of only having natural ingredients used within their eNgage drinks. Their eNgage Focus & Power is a natural focus drink that gives a boost to your cognitive functions together with a nice dose of energy so you can easily get through the day. Thanks to the addition of natural caffeine from green coffee beans, this drink is healthier than other regular energy drinks. eNgage releases its energy slower than normal into your bloodstream, which eliminates the eventual energy crash of traditional boosters.

Besides the regular eNgage Focus & Power, eNgage also offers the diseNgage Focus & Zen. The diseNgage helps you relax, wind down and lowers your stresslevels so you can assess the situations with a level head. Just like the eNgage, diseNgage is made with all natural products, without added artificial ingredients.

If you’re worried that this is yet another product with a chemical taste just the like the other energy drinks that can be found on the bottom row of the soda isle in your local supermarket, then we have good news. We’ve had the chance to try eNgage before and we can say that the taste resembles some well-known soda products thanks to its unique ingredients. The eNgage can be compared to sodas that use mostly berries and grapes, like cassis, while the diseNgage tastes a lot like your favorite citrus drinks 7Up and Sprite. Because of the addition of purely natural products and other healthy ingredients, the eNgage and diseNgage taste better than other drinks in the same category, in our opinion. Try it out and experience the unique tastes of eNgage!

Exclusive to our event eNgage offers a special The-Party promotional price. One tray of eNgage cans is available in our ticketshop for the promotional price of € 25,- . Pre-order now, because we’ll be upping the price a bit during the event, where you can buy a tray for € 30,- at our frontdesk. Your order will be ready to be picked up by you upon arrival at The-Party, so you can start off the weekend with a proper boost.

Curious and want to try out this fancy new drink? Our collaboration with eNgage is an exciting opportunity for those who would want to have a taste of this natural focus drink. Instead of paying the regular prices of € 40,- for a monthly subscription or € 55,- per tray, our ticketshop offers trays for only € 25,- ! Cans will not be sold seperately

We’ll also be giving away trays of eNgage and diseNgage to some lucky winners during our traditional table lottery at The-party. All you have to do is hope the number falls on your table and race to our stage to claim your Focus!

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