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Rocket League 2v2

Starting timeSaturday 20-04-2019, 10:30 AM
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Soccer with cars, that’s actually the shortest description to explain Rocket League. In other words there finally is a soccer game that is fun to play. Scoring points by getting the ball into the enemy’s goal, just like normal soccer. Only with Rocket League you can give your car a little bit extra speed by receiving boostpower and with a well performed jump you’ll be able to score just a bit faster. Defend or offend, the choice is yours.

This Rocket League 2v2 competition is an extra competition meant as an addition to the Rocket League 3v3 competition. Everyone is free to participate in this as long as you sign up beforehand through Lanergy (keeping in mind possible overlapping competitions and participations).


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The-Party 16 results

1: Team Power Unlimited
2: mCon e-Sports RL 2v2
3: Scavenge Red