The-Party | Cash Prizes for TP17
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Cash Prizes for TP17

There’s more than plenty fun things to do for our visitors during The-Party. Three days of gaming with your friends, enjoy the shows on our stage, visit the various stands present during the weekend and, of course, participate in our exciting competitions. But you don’t just compete for the fun of it, because just like every other edition, this year we once again have some very nice prize pools for all the contestants to try and earn. Not everything has been announced so far, but what we can tell is that we now have the complete prize pools per game!

The cash prizes for our biggest competitions, which are part of the RIV4L Lan Tour, have been raised so that each game now has a nice rounded prize pool. We can also split a good sum of money amongst the winners of the cosplay contest. Combine the prizes of all these games and we end up with a total prize pool of € 13.500 for The-Party 17, which is almost double of what we had for the competitions for last year!

The updated prize pool per competition can be found in the table below. Make sure to register your team to participate and practice hard to have a shot at winning some of this cash!

CompetitieFormatSponsor/PartnerTotaal prijzenpot
Rainbow Six: Siege5v5Ubisoft€ 3.000
Counter-Strike: GO5v5RIV4L Lan Tour€ 3.000
League of Legends5v5RIV4L Lan Tour€ 2.000
Rocket League3v3RIV4L Lan Tour€ 1.500
StarCraft II ThermyCup1v1uThermal€ 1.500
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds2v2Seasonic/Wooting€ 1.000
Hearthstone1v1RIV4L Lan Tour€ 1.000
Cosplay Contest1v1Foamtastisch/Speedseats€ 500
Rocket League2v2TBAHardware
League of Legends1v1ToshibaHardware
Hearthstone Tavern Brawl1v1TBAHardware