The-Party | Prize winners The-Party 17
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Prize winners The-Party 17

Each year we organize a ton of cool competitions at The-Party to participate in, of course with awesome prizes to compete for. This seventeenth edition of The-Party was nothing different, and we saw some exciting matches and thrilling finales. In the end we had the pleasure to welcome all the winners up on our stage and hand them their well deserved prizes. Below we have a nice summary of all the prize winners at The-Party 17.

Competition1st place2nd place3rd place
Cosplay ContestSkathi + SomruneDutch.DovahkiinRoar & Clank Props
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (RIV4L Lan Tour)mCon esportsjoinTheForceVae Victis
Hearthstone (RIV4L Lan Tour)MitsuhidemCon.InsaniaS1.AVZ075
Hearthstone Tavern BrawlYokanioGoudhoutAntwerp
League of Legends (RIV4L Lan Tour)Echo ZuluSector OneToxicFalcons
Toshiba League of Legends 1v1mCon.I_am_KeesEZ.BabaYagaLizardh
Seasonic PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsBrash EsportsCronus.LVTrust Royale
Rainbow Six: SiegeGaming AllianceMasquarade EsportsGA.Cosplaypulse
Rocket League (RIV4L Lan Tour)Echo ZuluCorax GamingBrash Esports
Rocket League 2v2Dutch Bim BammCorax4Elements Esports
StarCraft 2 ThermycupInZaneKelazhurReinca

Congratulations to all the winners with their moment in the spotlight at The-Party! The prize money will be transferred to you in the coming week. Photo’s of the prize ceremony can be found on our Facebook page, so if you want to see your proud face on stage again you only have to click on this link.

For this year, the team with the most mentions and winning prizes is mCon esports. With a total of three and a half mentions (Rocket League 2v2 had a team mixed with members from mCon esports and Corax Gaming) they definitely proved their worth. If we don’t count the mixed team of mCorax, we can also congratulate Team Echo Zulu with a total of three mentions. All these records have been updated on our Hall of Fame page.