The-Party | Timebenders playable!
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Timebenders playable!

The Dutch gaming industry is an industry that we completely embrace. Our country has many pro-gamers, organizes beautiful events and more importantly: makes games. The Netherlands has a few hit titles, one of the first party studios of Sony and a lot of awesome indie games. Studio Oogbaard is currently hard at work developing Timebenders, and we have it ready and playable at The-Party.

Timebenders is best described as a mix between Unreal Tournament, Harry Potter and the remote control of your television. The goal is to kill your enemy by using a few cool spells. These spells are all to do with time, and this is where the remote control element comes in. Rewind time at the last second to stop your dying sequence and happily carry on hitting your enemy. Furthermore, Timebenders uses a third-person perspective, giving you the perfect view for hunting your opponent.

Studio Oogbaard has changed up the way their game is played, exclusively for The-Party, as this game seems to be perfectly playable using a controller! At The-Party we give you the opportunity to play Timebenders with either a mouse and keyboard or with a controller. Saturday afternoon at 13.15 we will be playing a small tournament on stage to show you what the game is like and at 14.30 another, bigger, tournament starts at the Timebenders stand. Both tournaments have amazing prizes thanks to, so make sure to spend your Friday evening practicing your timebending skills at the Timebenders booth!

UPDATE: Now on stage: Timebenders showcase tournament. After the showcase, the developers from Timebenders will host another tournament on their stage, with some cool prizes available for the winners!