The-Party | Toshiba at The-Party
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Toshiba at The-Party

Today we announce Toshiba‘s involvement with the upcoming The-Party edition.

The Japanese firm has been around as ‘Toshiba’ since 1939, but even before that the company was working on electronics such as electrical lightbulbs and radars. Nowadays, Toshiba is one of the biggest players in the storage solutions market. Looking at a connection with The-Party, we stumbled upon their SSD range.

During The-Party you will get the opportunity to become the proud owner of a product from Toshiba’s TR200 line-up. The winner of the Toshiba League of Legends 1v1 competition will go home with the 960 GB edition, while the runner-up will receive the 240 GB edition. There is also a Toshiba XS700 240 GB available for the number 3 within the tournament. A cool way to get Toshiba involved with The-Party, according to us!