The-Party | Trust Gaming Easter Egg Hunt
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Trust Gaming Easter Egg Hunt

UPDATE: There’s still one more Easter egg to be found, with which the lucky finder can receive a neat goodie bag when delivered to the Trust Gaming stand.

The first thing you do upon entering The-Party is find your chosen seat and set up your gaming rig and all the required stuff to make your weekend as awesome as possible. But what’s next? Your first priority should naturally be to search the entirety of the Beursgebouw looking for eggs. Not just any regular eggs, but the coloured variant!

Like any other year, The-Party will once again be held during the Easter weekend. Traditionally, the Easter Bunny will visit our event to hide his eggs in the most crazy and bizarre nooks and crannies for you to find. Coincidentally the Easter Bunny is an avid gamers, so that’s why he’ll be hiding ten special eggs as well as he can in the Beursgebouw. Everyone who participates in The-Party or is present during the weekend is encouraged to look for these fancy little gifts, because we’ve got some cool prizes laying around for best detectives!

Managed to find one or more of our colourful, well-hidden Easter Eggs? Then stop by Trust Gaming‘s stand during the event to claim your goodie bag. Depending on which colour you’ve find, there’ll be an extra prize attached to your goodie bag!

The contents of the goodie bags will be kept secret as a surprise for the lucky finders, but we can at least spoil the extra prizes for finding the more well-hidden eggs:

1x Blue egg 1x Trust Gaming Goodiebag1x Trust Gaming Asta Mechanical Keyboard
2x Black egg 2x Trust Gaming Goodiebag2x Trust Gaming Laban Mouse
7x White egg 7x Trust Gaming Goodiebag
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Good luck!