The-Party | The-Party is moving to Nieuwegein!
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The-Party is moving to Nieuwegein!

The next edition of The-Party is almost here and 2020 is the year where a few important things will change. Because Beursgebouw Eindhoven is closing its doors forever, the biggest change will be the location. Read this post to be up to date about our changes and read our first announcements!


We’re moving from Eindhoven to Nieuwegein, to the Beursfabriek to be more specific, which is 72 kilometers from Eindhoven. A nice location with more possibilities. Fun fact: this used to be the main venue for the old lanparty ‘Netgamez’. The-Party is used to being sold out, but Beursfabriek Nieuwegein has room for more participants. We’re trading our many restaurants within walking distance for a big amount of free parking spaces. There is a McDonald’s close by, as well as a restaurant with a bowling center. Within a 5 minute driving distance you can find multiple supermarkets. If you want to book a hotel, we recommend to book something in Utrecht and make use of the tram or an Uber. Of course, at the moment we’re looking into a nice hotel deal.

DescriptionEindhoven (Old)Nieuwegein (New)
Date:Easter weekendFirst weekend of April
Internet:5 GbpsUnlimited (Minimum of 10 Gbps)
Capacity:1150+ participants1500+ participants
Catering:One food courtMultiple food stands and our own bar
Bars:A lot within walking distance Our own in-house bar, Utrecht is also close by
Restaurants:A lot within walking distance2 within walking distance, Utrecht is also close by
Supermarkets:One within walking distance A lot within a 5 minute driving distance

Money prizes

Tournaments for Rainbow Six: Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rocket League, Hearthstone and the new Teamfight Tactics include prizemoney. The total prize pool at the moment consists of € 8.500,- cash. Check our tournament page for an overview of the already announced tournaments. More info soon!


During the weekend a lot of streamers will join The-Party as well. We don’t know yet who is joining the whole weekend and who is just visiting for a day, but our line-up include  KaosApePeperTVStalkerkoffieMonkeloidTV and MrAdrian. Check out our streaming page.

And more

Expect cool stage activities, easy to win prizes, hidden easter eggs (even if the event isn’t during Easter anymore), an amazing cosplayshow and a very fast network thanks to Juniper Networks. The-Party will bring you a weekend to never forget!


Tickets can be found on our ticket page. You can also consider renting a gaming monitor and/or a gaming chair! Join our Facebook event page as well.

We hope to see you on April 3/4/5, 2020!