The-Party | iiyama sponsors Teamfight Tactics during The-Party Online
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iiyama sponsors Teamfight Tactics during The-Party Online

For The-Party Online, iiyama has provided a couple of awesome prizes for the Teamfight Tactics tournament. iiyama is a brand that specialises in LCD monitors.

iiyama is sponsoring the tournament with an iiyama G-Master Red Eagle GB2560HSU-B1 24.5″ as the first place prize, an iiyama G-Master Trainingsjacket as the second place prize and an iiyama G-Master bag as the third place prize. This Red Eagle screen is one of the monitors that iiyama has designed with gaming in mind. Armed with FreeSync technology, 144Hz refresh rate and a blistering 1ms response time you can make split-second decisions. The ability to adjust brightness and the dark shades with the Black Tuner delivers greater viewing performance in shadowed areas and means that nothing will escape your attention. With the iiyama Trainingsjacket and the iiyama bag you can show everyone that you have great taste when it comes to monitors and you can show off during our offline events like CampZone and The-Party Nieuwegein.

A couple of iiyama’s newest products are monitors that are perfect for side-by-side work on a single screen. The ProLite XUB3493WQSU LED monitor is a 34″ monitor that allows you to easily use two applications side-by-side and the ProLite X4372UHSU-B1 4k monitor is a 43″ monitor that allows you to use four applications on the same screen.