The-Party | Razer is sponsoring The-Party Online
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Razer is sponsoring The-Party Online

Razer is also sponsoring The-Party Online! Razer specialises in producing high-quality products for gamers and has been a popular brand for many years.

Razer is sponsoring The-Party Online with the Razer Portal Smart WiFi Router and the  Razer Tetra for PS4 headset. During tournaments like The-Party Online it is of the utmost importance that you have access to good internet. The Razer Portal Wifi Router uses multi-channel technology which means that your signal won’t decrease in quality when other devices are using WiFi. This router can support 280m² with stable WiFi and this area can be extended.

The Razer Tetra for PS4 is a headset designed with console gaming in mind. The microphone suppresses ambient noise so that you can be heard clearly. This headset is single-sided. The sound from the voice chat will come in through your headset while the sound of your game will still be coming from your tv.