The-Party | 4Launch and Acer are sponsoring The-Party Online Hearthstone Afterparty
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4Launch and Acer are sponsoring The-Party Online Hearthstone Afterparty

Last weekend we organised our first The-Party Online. Despite us having to move The-Party Nieuwegein last minute and replacing it with an online edition, we are very happy with how it went. That’s why we’re announcing the date of our Hearthstone Afterparty!

The Hearthstone Afterparty is made possible thanks to the combined efforts of 4Launch and Acer and will take place on April 18 and 19. For the winners, 4Launch and Acer have a 27″ Acer Preditor Monitor. The Acer Predator Monitor is made for gamers with a high refresh rate and quick reaction time. The Full HD screen offers high-quality performance. This model has built-in speakers and is adjustable in height. For the second place there is an Acer Nitro 5in1 set. This set includes a mouse, a mouse pad, a headset, a keyboard and a backpack. This means that you’ll be all set when it comes to gaming and it’s perfect for a gaming event like The-Party Nieuwegein. For our third place we have an Acer Nitro Mouse. This mouse has 8 buttons and 6 adjustable DPI settings. This means that you can turn this into the perfect mouse for you.

More information about the tournament can be found on our The-Party Online page. Do you want to show us what you’ve got? Then sign up using Lanergy!