The-Party | Gamecardsdirect sponsors TP16
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Gamecardsdirect sponsors TP16

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We can officially announce Gamecardsdirect as a sponsor for The-Party 16! Gamecardsdirect is a Dutch provider of online gamecards for almost every platform you might use. With its extensive range of gamecards for services like Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo eShop, Blizzard and League of Legends this is the place to be for all your online credits. But even if Live services aren’t exactly your thing, Gamecardsdirect also offers giftcards for various stores like Gall & Gall and Bijenkorf and websites such as Weekendjeweg and Spotify. For The-Party 16, they have provided us with a nice amount of giftcards for us to give away to some lucky competition winners. These cards allow you to decide for yourself what credits you wish to buy on Gamecardsdirect’s website!

For this year’s edition, Gamecardsdirect will provide prizes for our traditional Easter Egg Hunt, so keep your eyes open and check every nook and cranny for a chance at these coveted giftcards. Should you, despite your careful inspection of the venue, not have any luck finding these eggs then don’t worry, because there’s more! Every participant of The-Party will receive a special party cup. Not only is it useful for the free coffee, tea and soda but it is also a Gamecardsdirect discount coupon in disguise!

Adding on to that, the top three contestants in the Gamecardsdirect Gwent: The Witcher Card Game competition will receive prizes sponsored by Gamecardsdirect! First place can look forward to a €60 EUR value giftcard for their webshop, second place will receive a giftcard worth €30 EUR and third place will receive a €10 EUR Gamecardsdirect giftcard. Have a look on the competition page for Gwent for more information about this exciting competition.

Will you be the one to find our well-hidden Easter Eggs or the ultimate winner of the Gwent competition? Then have a look on Gamecardsdirect’s webshop to get an early idea of what you might want to spend your giftcard on.