The-Party | Seasonic and Wooting are sponsors for The-Party
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Seasonic and Wooting are sponsors for The-Party

When you’re looking for solid Power Supplies for your computer, Seasonic is one brand that immediately springs to our mind. Not really a surprise, seeing as how they’ve been making these products for well over fourty years. With multiple award winning products, Seasonic as a brand is hard to ignore, so a partnership with The-Party is an obvious and logical next step!

Seasonic and Wooting will be very noticable during The-Party thanks to the ‘Seasonic PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds powered by Wooting’ competition (PUBG is a good game to make overly long competition names for). The participants will be competing for those lovely prize cheques provided by Seasonic, and we’ll be giving away a few Seasonic as well als Wooting prizes during the stream for this competition. Not a fan of PUBG? Then let’s hope you’re a lucky winner in our table lottery ‘powered by Seasonic’ on Saturday, with Seasonic products up for grabs. Last but not least, the winners of the Cosplay Contest will also receive some cool Seasonic prizes.

Seasonic’s bringing the big guns this year. The observant viewer perhaps also spotted the name ‘Wooting‘ in the previous paragraph. Wooting is the company behind the very first analog mechanical keyboard. After a more than succesful Kickstarter campaign a few years back they were able to start producing their Wooting keyboards, which can also be win at the aforementioned activities. Wooting and Seasonic partnered up to distribute the Wooting keyboards on a massive scale, so having Wooting at The-Party is definitely a certainty. Wooting’s focus for this event will be on the Wooting One keyboard, while Seasonic focuses on their Focus Home Gold line of products.

We are pretty excited about our partnership with Seasonic and Wooting!

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