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Trust Gaming at The-Party

Today we can announce the return of a familiar face for our event, because Trust Gaming will be joining us for another year at The-Party 17!

Besides being a sponsor for this event, Trust Gaming will also have a physical presence at The-Party with their own stand! Here you can find representatives of Trust Gaming who can answer all your questions regarding their products, and of course they’re always up for a profound conversation about life and such. The chill stand of Trust Gaming will be with us for the entire weekend, so pay them a visit when you have the time or have to take a break from our many competitions.

Together with us and the Easter Bunny, Trust Gaming will also be responsible for hiding the coloured eggs for the Trust Gaming Easter Egg Hunt. After setting up your gaming equipment you might as well take the time to have a look around the Beursgebouw. Look hard enough, and you might even be able to find one of these eggs hidden within the most unimaginable nooks and crannies. Found one? Then walk by the Trust Gaming stand to hand in your egg and you will be rewarded with a sweet goodie bag, with perhaps a cool little extra item depending on the colour of the egg.

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