The-Party | The-Party Crew wishes you a Happy New Year!
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The-Party Crew wishes you a Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the third decade of this millennium, and with this brand new day of a new year we want to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020!

Maybe you’ve missed the news due to all the bustle and commotion that comes with the holidays, but The-Party has moved to a new location. To Nieuwegein to be precise! A very nice location with a number of very useful benefits and a few awesome possibilities for the future. Getting the move finalized and approved by all the parties involved took up a bit more time than we would’ve wanted, which is also why our ticket sale started later than what you’re all used to from us. To make up for this, we’re extending the first discount period to now end on January 8th. If you buy your ticket now before the end of this period, you’ll get it for the lowest possible price in our shop. So don’t wait too long with your purchase!

A new and bigger location also means we have enough room for more visitors. You might be thinking now, doesn’t ‘more visitors’ also mean more strain on the network? No worries, because we’ll be bringing along the super fast internet connection that you’re used to from The-Party in the Beursgebouw. Minimal lag, disruptions or defects so that everyone can play games to their heart’s content. The location might’ve changed, but everything that makes The-Party so awesome will be moving with us to Nieuwegein.

Enjoy the New Year’s Dive, a nice and easy lunch or whatever else you’ll be planning to do on this first day of the new year. We hope to see you all back at the newest edition of The-Party in Nieuwegein. See you then!