The-Party | Win tickets for Frag-o-Matic during The-Party Online
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Win tickets for Frag-o-Matic during The-Party Online

Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter which Benelux Lan event is the biggest or the best. Both The-Party, Frag-o-Matic and The Reality always do their best to turn their events into an unforgettable experience. In difficult times such as these, the organisations also talk with each other to then realise that it would be great to work together for The-Party Online.

Frag-o-Matic will sponsor The-Party Online with tickets to their next event! Frag-o-Matic will take place from September 4th until the 6th. We are giving away 5 Frag-o-Matic tickets for our online tournaments of Hearthstone, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is great because for the last two tournaments FOM will no doubt have their own epic tournaments. As the winner of this prize, you will have an amazing weekend to look forward to.

Just like the party, Frag-o-Matic (FOM) is a large gaming event where visitors bring their own PC. It involves an amazing weekend filled with gaming and the opportunity to participate in several tournaments with which you can earn fantastic prizes. Each edition has its own theme. This theme determines what the event will look like and as a bonus there are a couple of thematic activities that would fit an event like CampZone.