The-Party | Thermaltake will be sponsoring The-Party 16
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Thermaltake will be sponsoring The-Party 16

A company that truly is a jack-of-all-trades in computer accessories, and who will be showing this during The-Party by sponsoring gaming competitions and cosplay, is Thermaltake. We are proud to announce that they will be a sponsor of The-Party 16!

Thermaltake is well known for their big selection of computer parts such as coolers and power supplies, but they offer so much more! They also sell gaming accessories, and have a gigantic assortment of esports gear under the name of Tt eSPORTS, such as high-end precision computer mice, beautiful RGB (mechanical) keyboards and headsets of great quality. Take for example the Nemesis Switch RGB gaming mouse. This optical mouse utilizes a unique switching system to quickly change between different keybinds for varying games with its useful side buttons. Ideal for gamers who love to play FPS, RTS, MOBA or MMO games, this mouse is also highly customizable and with its built-in RGB lighting you can choose what colours you want to wear when charging towards battle.

This year we will have some awesome Thermaltake competitions for all of you. Besides a cash prize, there will also be fantastic gaming prizes for the winners of the Thermaltake Hearthstone competition. Not only has Thermaltake thought of the first place winners, but the second and third place will also be walking away with great goodies. The big winner of this competition will take home a Nemesis Switch + Shock Pro RGB + Dasher Medium, the second place winner will get a Cronos Riing RGB, and the third place winner will get a Ventus X Plus. Your chances to win something cool are quite big! Are you not that great at card games, but are you a master at League of Legends? Then you are in luck, because at the Thermaltake League of Legends 1v1 competition some great prizes can be won by the first, second and third place winners.  The first place winner will be taking home a View 37. The second place winner will get a Nemesis Switch + Draconem RGB Cloth, and the third place winner will get a Shock Pro RGB.

The cosplay contest, where you can see your favourite game characters come to life on stage right before your eyes, will also not be forgotten. The Thermaltake The-Party Cosplay Contest will be a great spectator sport, but will also be very attractive to the competitive cosplayers at The-Party who have signed up. This year they can win a cash prize, as well as Thermaltake prizes, on top of the originally established prizes, with their creative creations. The best cosplayer will be taking home a Nemesis Switch + Shock Pro RGB. The second prize is a Ventus X Plus + Dasher Medium, and the third prize is an Ventus X Plus. Enough reasons for the cosplayers to get up on our stage and show off their best work!

Registration for the competitions has opened already, so don’t wait too long with signing up!

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